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Home Schooling

For anyone who is Home Educating or is interested in finding out more then please join us at Me, Too & Co.  Dates will be added when confirmed but if you are interested please email hounslowpcf@gmail.com for dates.


Calendar - Monthly Forums

Date Event Speakers Subject






Parent/Carers Forum @ CAN Mezzanine18/1/17 Mandy O'Donoghugh Interim Team Manager 0 - 25 Disabilities Team (formerly adult and children's services
Parent/Carers Forum @ CAN Mezzanine

Natasha Patten

Uma Sai

Anita Cornish

Parent/Carers Forum @ CAN Mezzanine

Emma Motherwell NSPCC

Sunil Aswani - Hestia

15/6/17 Parent/Carers Forum @ CAN Mezzanine

David Couglan

Celia Golden

Davina Pandya

Blue Badge, Freedom pass etc


Carers Operative Group

18/05/17 Parent/Carers Forum @ CAN Mezzanine

Chris Shoubridge

Head of Area Housing Services

Housing in Hounslow
20/04/17 Parent/Carers Forum @ CAN Mezzanine

David Lemon

Wildlife Trust

Activities for young people 13+
23/03/17 Parent/Carers Forum @ CAN Mezzanine

Tracey Cook

Dependability Ltd

Blue Badges
Parent/Carers Forum @ CAN Mezzanine Susie O'Neill & Lesley Beck  


Parent/Carers Forum @ CAN Mezzanine

Natasha Patten

Designated Clinical Officer

  MEETINGS IN 2016    
21/01/16 Parent/Carers Forum @ Can Mezzanine

Fiona Morgan, Me too & Co

Kusum Joshi, Healthwatch

about Me too & Co

Asking parents/carers for their experiences with NHS

11/02/16 Parent/Carers Forum @ Can Mezzanine    
17/03/16 Parent/Carers Forum @ Can Mezzanine Steve Devlin Ofsted assessment of services
21/04/16 Parent/Carers Forum @ Can Mezzanine Helen Taylor, Community Learning Disability Team Transition (planning for your child's future after leaving school).
19/05/16 Parent/Carers Forum @ Can Mezzanine    
16/06/16 Parent/Carers Forum @ Can Mezzanine    
14/07/16 Parent/Carers Forum @ Can Mezzanine    
Parent/Carers Forum @ Da Spot

Susie O'Neill, Senior Joint Commissioning Manager CCG


Elizabeth Baxter, Ealing Mencap

Commissioning of Health Services


Travel Training


Parent/Carers Forum

CAN Mezzanine

Merle Abbott, Head of SEN SEND Reforms

Parent/Carers Forum

CAN Mezzanine


David Brockie, Senior Education Advisor & Celia Golden, Equalities & Human Rights




Equalities & Human Rights


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