Jess' Corner

Jess' Corner is a special section for Money Saving Idea's.

These will let you know how to save money. It is worth keeping an eye on this section as it will change regularily, as alot of these offers are timed. So we will put up Interesting things here as we find them out.

Also if you know of anything that would be suitable, please contact us so that we can add it to this.

Thames Water have some good schemes going on if you are struggling with your bills.

  1. Go into
  2. Paying your bill
  3. Help paying your bill
  4. There is an option to call them at this point and they can suggest what is the best route for you or check out the Customer Schemes yourself. 

Help with Electric Bills

If you are having problems paying your Electicity bills contact your electricity supplier. Then ask for a Warm Home Discount Application. This is only done once a year and it is means tested. If you are eligible then you will get £140 money off your future bill, but only for that year. You have to apply every year between june and the middle of October.

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